House painted: 1/2 check
Car is sold: check
Sorting & Packing: 3/4 check
Chubby takes a nap: Any more checks and she could start her own bank…

We have been so busy these days! I knew there would be a lot to do but looking back its always amazing at what you can accomplish in short amount of time.

In the whirl of paperwork and plastic totes, I am trying to keep focusing on what I want out of this adventure. I’m looking forward to new friends, experiences, and logging in sometime on the beach. I’m looking forward to trying a new way of life. I’m looking forward to adopting a new accent. I’m looking forward decorating a new house. I’m looking forward to doing some traveling in an environment more different than I’ve ever experienced.  I’m looking forward to having a tan line. I think I am starting to repeat myself. Sorry… It’s cold out!

I’m sad to leave my network of friends but I had to start somewhere almost 5 years ago when I moved to Virginia Beach. I know I can do it again. A wise woman once told me when she and her family picked up and moved to Washington state that the true friends stay in your life forever. You never really fall out of touch, although you may not speak as often.

I know that some friendships may fall to the wayside but for those of you who choose to, I look forward to all of you being in my life forever. (sniff)

Alright! Enough mushiness…

Back to logging and sorting all my receipts for 2009 to send to the CPA.

Stay classy Norfolk.