Wow! What a whirlwind! We managed to get everything finished, packed up and out the door. I left a day early and hopped over to Los Angeles to visit my friend Suzanne in Santa Barbara.

So the adventure begins again…

My original flight to get to LAX was from Richmond, VA to Washington DC to Denver, CO to Los Angeles. Suzanne would be there to make sure they roll the red carpet out for me and I would glide off of the plane being showered with rose petals and money. For some reason when I booked the flights through they had me arriving in DC later than my Denver flight leaves. Well thats ok. Apparently I am not supposed to be there earlier. So I ask for some help from my United lady and she reroutes me from DC to San Fransico to LAX. Thats just fine with me. I need some time to clear out my Blackberry and work on my computer anyway. I arrive in Los Angeles just fine and get my bags pulled together. I am having a little difficulty with my Blackberry and I dont see Suzanne so I will have to come up with another plan. I finally get an image of how to fix the Blackberry and was able to call Suzanne. She is circling the airport and ready to pick me up in her car. Oh it was so good to see her! Suzanne is one of my favorite people and we gabbed so much we rerouted ourselves. Once we got back on track the car wasnt silent until we got out at her house. She has an adorable house that is surrounded by lots of plants. She has giant jade trees out front like we would have holly bushes!

I went straight to bed since I had been up since 7am EST and it was now 11pm on the west coast. God bless her son Evan who gave up his bedroom so I could slip into a coma in peace. I crashed pretty hard and woke up at 7am West Coast time. After having some coffee with Suzanne, we started our day.

First we went to a place to get pedicures. I could not possibly arrive in Sydney where summer is beginning with toes that looked like I had dragged them on asphalt. Before long I had my nice red toenails that I adore (my fav color by Orly is “I’m not really a waitress”) and we went on to our next activity. I always like to hit a meeting while I am in a new town. They always have a slightly different way of doing things and this was no exception. However we all still shared our experience, strength, and hope and I felt grounded once again after I left.

Now its time to eat. Some of you know Ron from my Law of Attraction group that I am a part of. He was in CA the same time I was and he and his cousin, April met us for lunch. It was great to see him one last time and April was a great woman to chat with who lives in northern CA and has some of the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. After mentally putting those eyelashes on my manifestation list I enjoyed a delicious eggplant sandwich whos flavors made me smile. It was a small restuarant that definately had that CA vibe and even the cashier had a tip jar labeled “Karma Insurance”. I loved it! They had a great little gift shop attached where I took some pictures of the things that tickled my fancy. I didnt dare buy anything as I had not one more inch of available room in my luggage. Im not able to load the pictures now but you can catch them at .

After filling my belly and hugging Ron goodbye, we moved onto a shop where they roast their own coffee. I had already had my coffee limit though and opted for tea named “Get Gorgeous!” It made me giggle so I thought this must be what I am looking for. Suzanne had a friend of hers named Scott who joined us. Scott is a life coach like Suzanne ( so we sat there and discussed all things inward and sipped tea.

Then we went back to the house grabbed my bags and I took the airbus back to LAX. It had internet the whole way so I was able to update Facebook and work some more on my pictures. Unfortunately I was not able to see the coast since everytime I was near the ocean it was dark out. Oh well, it just means I will have to come back!

I got to LAX and found out what gate I needed to board at and what gate JD would be coming in from DC at. I sat down and worked on my computer until he came through the doors. It was wonderful to hug and be reunited with him even as tired as he was. Poor thing still had a long way to go. We got on the plane and settled in. The plane took off and I suddenly got very sleepy.

I was very lucky in that the seat next to me was empty. I threw my feet in JDs lap and layed down. I napped in and out of concious for god only knows how many hours. We woke up for Sydney time (ST) New Years since the captain annouced it. I gave my hunney a quick peck and went back to sleep. At 2:30 am ST I couldnt sleep anymore and started watching movies. I couldnt tell you what I watched since I was so out of it but before long we were really close to Sydney and having breakfast on the plane.

We landed and moved forward to customs. Its was hot here already and I was ready to strip down. Luckily I had layered my clothes and as I took off my sweater, I silently apoligized for the smell of unwashed body that I noticed. Of course we all stunk so I dont think anyone noticed. The customs agent was very nice, refered to me as “Love” and shuffled us through. We all gathered to retrieve our bags and wait in line for them to be gone thru. JD then realizes that I had placed my uneaten brownie from the plane in his coat pocket. I was trying to be sweet but had possibly gotten us in trouble as you are not supposed to bring food into the country. Ooops #1.

 I saw a sign that was announcing a new crocodile exhibit and said “The worlds most dangerous predator has just arrived”. I of course thought this would be great to have as a picture and I moved up to it thinking of all the jokes I could get out of this, while TOTALLY MISSING the other sign. This one said absolutely no picture taking in the customs area. I missed this one and the customs agent was very excited to point this fact out to me. Ooops #2.

After my embarrasment cooled and JD had stopped laughing at me we moved on to the area to have the bags searched. We were randomly (maybe?) selected and pulled from the line. They asked us the normal questions and told us to go to a different door. Now my head is filled with alarms, the first imagining what its like to be strip searched. I was surprised to see a large group of people waiting to meet with loved ones a white sign waving that said “Burrows”. Whew… Narrowly escaped violation. This is a good thing.

Three guys JD will be working with where there to welcome us to the country and transport us to the hotel. They were funny and very accomidating and before long we were at our hotel. We got numbers and said good bye while checking in. We went to our room and thankfully got to take showers and prepare to search the city.

At the present moment I am writing from the hotel’s computer and cant show you the pictures I took of our excursion. Sooo I will break here and continue later on today. Oh and by the way I realized I had packed tea that I wanted to leave at my mom’s in my bag….. Oooops #3.