Hey even God rested on the seventh day. Mine just happened to fall on the 8th.

Day 8

JD left at 5:30am with Dallas to travel to Canberra to the consulate and get his ID card. Plus while they were out there it just so happened to be the day of Summer Nationals which is a giant car show. I swear I could here them both grunting like Tim Allen when they left.

The house was QUIET. Nothing but the sound of my cat’s swinging arm as he beckons abundance to come into our home. So I went ahead and got up. It didn’t look like it was to be a sunny day but the clouds move so fast here, I always have hope.

Not much to report about my day of minus JD. I ate fresh fruits and breads all day. I took a tub bath in the middle of the day. I finished Dan Brown’s novel. Around 3pm the sun came streaming down and I layed out in the warm rays without the fear of burning. I think I even dozed off a couple of times.

I was semi productive. I did make the bed and put away a load of laundry. I did do the dishes. Other than that I was selfish about my slothness. I did get dressed when the landlord dropped by to give us some more steak knives since we only had one. After that I went back to my robe.

By the time JD returned at 7pm I had actually whipped myself into something respectable. He was very sunburned and after he showered I made sure his burns got some lotion slathered on to help it heal. He had great fun with Dallas and was telling me all about the people he met and the cars he saw.

He learned about how to identify the two most dangerous spiders on the planet and being such a sharing soul, he told me too. They told him that there is one whose venom works like the brown recluse and has to be physically removed from the body. In a little research of my own it looks like they have anti venom now but the bites are very painful. This one is called the redback spider and its very easy to identify. It’s black with a red strip on its back. Ok, so stay away from those guys and make sure I check under stuff every so often like at home. No worries.

The other one is the funnel web spider and I HAD heard of this one. There is one that is specific to Sydney and apparently once bitten you have three hours to get to a hospital. It’s apparently HUGE and its tremendous fangs can puncture even thru your toenails. The good news is that they are easy to stay away from. They are VERY large spiders so they are easily seen. They are usually in the backyard and don’t even attempt to come in the house. They rear back before they strike displaying their massive fangs and they are only out at night. Ok don’t go out back at night. Got it. No worries.

There is one last one that he was told about was the wolf spiders around here. I would imagine that because of the warm weather they have more time to grow. They apparently get very very BIG and although they are relatively harmless, you will probably hurt yourself trying to get away from them. They can be found most often in gardens. Ok. Stay out of the gardens at night. I can handle this too!

Well thats about it for that day. I was glad that I got a day of immobility and languishing. However, in a city with so much do, like the new saying JD brought home, those days are as rare a hobby horse poop.

Stay classy America.