Hello again,

I am of course content to lay around, read a good book, and survive on bon bons but my beloved was getting restless so…

Day 7

I have reverted back to my bananas and yogurt in the morning which always gives me lots of energy. I do enjoy the english breakfasts here but they are so heavy that they would almost do better as a dinner. With it being so warm out, we are eager to get out in it and that doesn’t mix well with heavy foods.

Overly Full Jennifer + Hot Weather + Housework + Lots of Walking = 😦

Unless you  😦 + Ice Cream = We’re off to the races again.

We had been wanting to check out the Powerhouse Museum (http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/) and ran off in the direction of  Darling Harbor. It was getting close to lunch time when we left the house so grabbed a couple of sushi rolls from the establishment at the Rockdale Subway Station. They are only $2.20 a roll! I figured out they can keep them pretty cheap because nothing is actually raw so they dont have to count in quick spoilage on their expense list. JD got the fried calamari roll, I got the salmon roll and we ran to catch the train.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the sushi rolls but you have seen them before but they were so good they disappeared like atheism in a fox hole. I did however managed to save and capture our soy sauce dispensers. They’re fish (see photo)!

As we emerged at the Martin Place Subway Station I noticed a McDonald’s off to my side. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that they call them Mackers. Apparently they spell that Macca’s, so I apologize for the confusion and submit the photos below as evidence. 

We soon came to pass a certain tall building. It’s certainly not out-of-place, being that there are lots of very tall buildings around, but JD told me it’s where he gathers our mail. Apparently it’s under very high security, so not to worry, no one is going to steal any care packages you send us.

We march on and soon are approaching the Powerhouse Museum (see photo). As soon as we enter we are greeted by the advertisement of  their newest exhibit ,”The 80’s are back”(see photo). Considering the lengthy rat tail I saw last night on an ice cream parlor patron, I wouldn’t say they left but I will keep that to myself. Just sayin… We wandered through to see Locomotive No 1 that was the first train in New South Wales in 1855(see photos). JD is a mechanical/boiler/steam powered/anything with moving parts kind of guy so he started rattling off what all the gages ment. It is pretty cool that no matter how old this stuff gets it will all still work if you just light some coal and have the right amount of water in the lines. We moved along to the Boulton & Watt Engine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt_steam_engine and see photo). This particular one powered a London brewery for 102 years from 1875. Doesnt look too bad to be an old girl! Apparently there is only one part-time guy who comes in and powers it up for people to see. There used to be 5 full-time guys. I told JD I thought he should volunteer his services since he loves that kind of stuff and loves to show people how it all works. Also wouldn’t that be a cool thing on a resume`?

I left him there marveling at everything and started looking at some of the other exhibits. They have quite a collection of art, furniture, and clothing from every decade reaching as far back as colonial times. I would peek back at JD to see if he had progressed anywhere but he was talking engine stuff to other guys and the museum staff. Finally he dragged himself on to the next section. He sped thru what I had been just looking at and before long he located another exhibit with engines and steam stuff. He seemed like he was going to be awhile so I checked out what the stores were selling and what housework was like in olden times. I even managed to get thru the blind and seeing impaired exhibit before he was 3/4 the way done. In the blind exhibit they had an old Playboy that was in braille that stated underneath “I really do just get it for the articles!”.

When I rejoined JD, he was watching a few boys who were spinning a handle to make the lights turn on in a doll house. As each boy tried it, inevitably the father had to get in there to “show him how it’s really done”. Ahhh. The pecking order is reestablished. After a couple more exhibits we moved onto the space stuff (see photos). I found it really interesting although I know about the same about how it works as the steam engine. They had all sorts of stuff to look at including a space suit and a moon rock. Then they moved back in time again showing a stage coach, old cars and old motorcycles. We saw a cross section of a giant cedar that was 350 years old and rooms of lighted pictures from the Hubble Telescope. There was more to see but we were hungry and tired (never made it to the 80’s).

We left and walked back to the subway station, stopping in an effort to find Pho in Chinatown. We didn’t get very far before we thought we had found it. It didn’t turn out to be the right kind of beef noodle soup but delicious none the less and I got to try Dim Sum (see photos). The black sesame paste inside looked a little disturbing but it was delicious! Lots of sugar had been added and steamed inside of a sweet dough. I highly recommend trying it if you get the chance.

We passed by a guy in one of the many parks who was fabricating giant bubbles for the kids (see photo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddgrR54zpSM). Why do bubbles make us smile? Whether they are in your bathtub or in the street, I haven’t met anyone who hates bubbles.

Once we get back to the subway station and get thru the gates I see a mural on the wall that says “Be a traveler, not a tourist” (see photo).  We of course thought this was great and after seeing it on the wall, I wondered, what exactly is the difference?

We got home, propped up our feet, and rested. I am currently reading the new Dan Brown book, “The Lost Symbol”. It’s very engrossing and I soon lost myself in the story. About an hour later, JD wants to know if we can go get ice cream. I ignore my aching legs and pull on my sneakers again. We walk down to the gelato place and we get raspberry and cream flavor for me and coffee flavor for him. They hit the spot and suddenly my legs aren’t stiff anymore. As we are finishing our cones and walking back, I look up into the night sky and see the birds from yesterday with their large black wings stretched out wide with each stroke. As they soared overhead I caught a glimpse of the SHAPE of their wings. Those aren’t birds afterall… They are the biggest BATS we have ever seen and now JD is concerned for Chubby. What if one of those monsters carry her away? Yes, I know she’s 120 lbs, but what if?!??!?

This morning as I am writing this blog I started thinking again, what is the difference between a traveler and a tourist? My favorite explanation is from Rolf Potts who has written what sounds to be a wonderful book called “Marco Polo Didn’t Go There”. On page 8 he quotes a backpacker in Thailand who said, “Tourists leave home to escape the world, while travelers leave home to experience the world. Tourists…are merely doing the hokey-pokey: putting their right foot in and taking their right foot out; calling themselves world travelers but experiencing very little.”

I want to experience it all.

Stay classy, America.