Hello again,

They say there is a lull in every conversation every 20 minutes and I am way past that mark so maybe I’m due.

Day 13

The day didn’t feel like it had a direction when I got up and it sure as heck-fire didn’t when I went to sleep. I did the usual coffee/check emails/wash myself routine and I got an email that they had received mail at the APO box for us. We left the house and on this particular day I noticed a poster that warned against the dangers of jumping in front of a moving train (see photo). I always figured it was best to stay out of the way and anyone who thought other wise was part of the natural selection scheme. Just sayin…

We got to the train station and the escalator we took goes almost straight up. While we were clinging to the moving hand railing I tried to take a picture of how steep it is but I’m not sure it does it any justice (see photo). The building that houses the APO boxes wasn’t far from the station thank goodness since I had decided to wear a pair of my new shoes and they had decided to wear the backs of my heels. Oh well, a couple of band aids later I was back on track. I waited in the lobby for JD to get the mail since the security up there is pretty high and I had forgotten my Top Security Clearance Secret Service ID at home (wink). The lobby was very simple in design, open in space, and I really liked the seats/small couches (see photo).

The box was from my mom sending me a couple of things from home that I couldn’t find here or at the time didn’t know where to look. We went and looked around at a few stores and then headed back to Rockdale. I have been thinking about dyeing my hair since I got here. I never wanted to do it at home for fear of it coming out horrible and then having to explain to ump-teen people why I look like an idiot. Here no one will care since I have seen grandmothers with fire-engine red hair and if it looks terrible, it will grow out by the time I go back home. Genius plan really. By the time we got dinner stuff pulled together and got home it was already 5pm. We must have farted around longer than I thought. I did a load of laundry and when I hung them out to dry it rained on them.

A couple of days ago JD and I were really missing Chubby and we thought it would be a good idea to foster a dog until her arrival. The one condition from JD? It has to be a mastiff.  I got online and sent out some emails and called some people and didn’t get a response.  Today however I got a call from one lady I had emailed me, who said they don’t foster out dogs anymore because it’s too hard on them. I wondered how hard being put down would be on them in comparison but said I understood and hung up. JD spoke to his boss who was asking him to come in for a few hours the next day. I didn’t really sleep well the night before so we went to bed early.

Day 14

Neither of us got any sleep that night since JD was a bundle of nerves and couldn’t get to sleep. So combining the fact that it was hot in the apartment and I was trying to rest next to someone who must have been dreaming about running a marathon, I had my second night of no sleep. I haven’t really liked the way the bed is situated anyway so today I vowed to move this around for better sleep. It’s really cute if you are just walking in but the bed is on the far wall from the entrance and I am just barely out of the line of the door. I have a clear view down the hall and I wake up often at night feeling like I have to look and check to see if anyone is there. At this point, I DON’T CARE if anyone is down the hall as long as they let me sleep. However in the interest of future restfull sleep, I switched the whole bedroom around. Now we have our heads pointed towards the wall with the door and looking out the windows. It gives my side of the bed a more secure vantage point so I am looking forward to sleeping tonight.

We may need to at some point to get a fan to help move the AC around. We only have a wall unit that keeps most of the apartment cool but the bedroom is the last room at the end of the hall. Even though it was cool last night outside, opening the window didn’t seem to work well either. I don’t know what our problem was.

After finishing the room and checking on the laundry that was still outside trying to dry, I dyed my hair. I was going for a reddish – brown that was more on the reddish side. I put it in the best I knew how and then did the dishes. I took a shower 20 mins later and when I got toweled off I couldn’t really tell a difference. It’s a little more reddish than it already was but not really the dazzling effect I had built up in my head. I can at least mark that off the things to try in my life-time list since all my girlfriend have done it. Plus if I have any grey hairs in there, they are covered! I threw the sheets in the washer and when they were done, my washer lets me know by singing me a little tune ( see video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPPOrCFk2AY).

I rang my friend Mary, who makes peoples lives better for a living (www.balancedenergies.net) and chatted with her about patterns in life that we see everyday if we are looking for them. If you have an open mind and want to make an aspect or aspects in your life better, I highly highly recommend her. You don’t even have to worry about the distance. She can work remotely.

I have some grand adventures coming up, but at the moment I am in a holding pattern. We are holding off on the aquarium and zoos until JD can get tickets for free from the Navy. The Avatar movie at the IMAX is sold out and at $27 a frickin ticket, I am not going to be squeezed in the side. The first decent tickets that were available were January 26 at 5:30pm. You can’t cancel or move the date so if my butt falls off at 5:15pm, I’m putting in a popcorn bag and taking it with me.

I have found  a class for kids to learn to read and write Macedonian. I wonder if they will let me sit with the kids in one of those little desks. JD says it’s the most useless language I could have picked to learn but I figure why not. It begins on January 30. I have also found a free class for Capoeira which is that martial art that looks a lot like dancing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capoeira). I’ve never taken any kind of martial arts class but this one is free and as I tore the little info slip off of the sign I was reminded of the “Yes Man” movie. I looked up the class on the website an hour after it had been over. Next thursday they will have another.

One exciting thing that did happen today is that we heard from a lady who desperately needs a foster home for “Joe”, a mastiff mixed with what appears to be lab. He is a happy go lucky fellow and they are going to come and check out our home in the next couple days. By next week I hope to have a cold wet nose and a wagging tail in the house.

I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow but if I don’t post then it wasn’t much and I will be back to you soon. Just hang tight.

Stay classy America