I know I have remiss in my attention to my blog. Things have been very Beaver-esque around here. JD started back to work on Monday and I have scuttling around going to meetings and introducing myself to everyone. I’m in charge of coming up with dinner and doing all the shopping, so it has been very calm. Very domestic. Unfortunately it’s not very blog worthy but a few fun things have happened.

A bug place was placed in my ear (figuratively thank God!) about working. I assumed that since the jobs really should go to Aussies first that it would be hard to secure work here in Australia. I was chatting with a bloke the other day who does recruiting for financial institutions. When I mentioned that I was a loan officer up until I moved over here, he got very excited. As it turns out, every other or every third call he has is a bank looking for loan officers. Needless to say this peaked my interest. JD makes a good living and we have plenty of money to save and travel while we are here. However if I were to work and we stashed all that money, think of what we could do! It would be nice to come back and pay off the mortgage or buy a rental property. The possibilities are endless but with my back ground I automatically think of real estate.

A week ago tomorrow, we became three. As I wrote in my last post, we had been sorely missing the wet nose and wagging tail that we normally have around the house. Chubby is one of a kind and her father, of course, is very attached. After agreeing with him for the hundredth time that I missed her too, I had a revelation! We can’t have Chubby until roughly May since she has her shot schedule to finish up and then quarantine here. Why not take that time to foster a dog? This way we get somebody to pat and love and they get a second chance to find a home. We were finally contacted by a lady who had a mastiff cross named “Joe” that had been rescued from the pound, but didn’t have anywhere to go. Poor fella had been in a kennel for the last two months.

So last Saturday she brought him over, stinky and scared out of his wits. First things first, we got him bathed and let him run around the yard. He didn’t do a whole lot of running though and soon he was laying down on the grass. At some point something about the people passing through the yard startled him and he ran behind the garage where there is a small cramp space that looks like a kennel. We finally had to blockade the area off with the garbage cans because he wouldn’t stay out from there. Of course now he is covered in sand and dirtier than when he got there. Oh well.

One thing we noticed about Joe, right off the bat. He is tired. He slept and slept and slept those first couple of days. He had almost no personality. Barely ate or played with any toys. I had to dip dog treats in beef broth for him to eat them and even then he acted like he was very suspicious of them. One thing he really likes is the really handsome dog in the mirror that is there everytime he walks by it. He spends a lot of time pawing the mirror and wags his tail like he is greeting a long lost friend. Come Monday I felt pretty secure about leaving him in the apartment by himself while I did some shopping and running around. That morning the beginnings of a personality were starting to come out but he still was acting very sleepy. I left, ran around and gathered what I needed for dinner that night. I had lunch with a new friend and made it home roughly around 4 pm.

When I walked in I could already sense that something was wrong.  Joe was slinking around like someone who knows he has been very, very bad. He had gone in the dirty laundry and had chewed on some of the clothes. They weren’t damaged, just wet so that was good. He had taken the comforter off of the bed and had apparently rolled around on the sheets. JD’s new sneakers had been chewed on but had suffered minimal damage. The article that really got it bad was the book I was reading at the time. On the lucky side, he only chewed up the parts I had already read so it wasn’t as bad as originally surveyed but I was heart broken. How could he do this to us! It’s been a long time since I had a puppy and Joe is less than a year old who hasn’t been in a home environment in a long time, if ever. JD reminded me that sometimes dogs chew stuff and not to get all bent out of shape about it.

I got over it quickly but now I have a problem. This apartment has been furnished by our landlord and we can’t take the chance of him chewing everything up. So I chose the bathroom. After you remove all the towels and hanging stuff there is very little that he can chew up in there. It’s bright and fairly roomy so I thought it was a wise choice. The next day I placed him with a chew bone and a blanket in the bathroom and left. When I got home all was quiet but as I approached the bathroom door I could see where paint chips had made their way under the door and out in the hall. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not a good sign. I opened the door to find that he had gone after this door like a fox trying to get into a hen house.

The door of destruction...

He had chewed up quite a bit of it but luckily these are the old style doors and it would take him a long time to actually make his way thru. For whatever reason this didn’t hit me as bad as I had processed this all yesterday and like JD said, dogs chew stuff sometimes. JD was not as calm about it as he was the day before. He said a couple of four letter words and told Joe how bad he was in a very calm low voice. Joe is already scared of men in general so it didn’t take much for him to understand that Daddy was not happy.

The next day I tried putting the Rescue Remedy in his water and the violation of the door continued but wasn’t as bad. His personality is starting to come out more and more now that he is getting comfortable here aside from the bathroom time. Each day has been a little better and he is spending more time chewing on his bone in the bathroom than working on the grand escape thru an unforgiving door. He has decided that JD isn’t as bad as originally thought although he doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone else. Sunday I will be joining one of the ladies who was a part of getting Joe to me and we will go to a dog park and work on a bit of obedience.

Yesterday I went into the Immigration office to talk to an officer about extending my tourist visa for an entire year. Tourist visas are for true tourists as it turns out, so in order for it to be extended I would have to produce paid plans for traveling the country. Hanging around the suburbs of Sydney making sure my man has a clean house and dinner on the table apparently doesn’t count. The only option for me is to finish out my three months and then fly to New Zealand or where ever for at least a day. Then when I come back I can reapply for another three month visa. Although it’s not what I originally planned, this is not a bad gig. I don’t have to go home and can go take a vacation every three months. 

Then I bring up the working idea that I have running around in my brain. He tells me that I can stay in the country for up to 4 years on a work visa and that they are only a couple hundred dollars. This sounds very feasible and a good route to follow. My next step is to find a place to hire me and sponsor me. It sounds like they have a major shortage of my type of worker so let the games begin! Worse case scenario I don’t get to work and go on forced vacations every three months. Boo frickin hoo.

Also as I mentioned on the last post, there was a Capoeira class on thursday nights. After I made dinner last night I put on something that I would wear to yoga and trucked on down the street. I have never taken any kind of martial arts or anything relatable before so I have no idea what to expect. I walked into a church out building to be approached by a few smiling faces. The men are well muscled, shirtless and the women are trim and have buns of steel. We start out making laps around the large room followed by some sort of loping action. Then lunges intertwined with push ups and working on your triceps with your hands on a chair and your feet straight out in front of you. I had been here 10 mins and I already hurt. Three of us are beginners and we are quickly separated from the rest of the pack. The others go off to mock spar without any actual contact. We are taught first how to Jenga (sp?). It’s their base move and kind of like the two step with wide sweeping moves and your forearms in front of your eyes. I can feel the burn in my legs and back right away and it’s hitting me exactly how much I will suffer the next day. We learned four kick moves with names I can’t pronounce and in spite of myself, I actually had a lot of fun. I am not sure it’s something I want to continue as I would rather spend the money on yoga classes but it was a great experience all the same. If you want to sweat and get great looking buns, I highly recommend it! After the class was over some of them did some of the sparring which they let me film, so take a look!


I hope all is well with you back in the States.

Stay classy America.