Hey Everybody!

I know, I know, where have I been? Well I had to take some time off from my adventures due to my flip flops (or thongs as they are called here). One of those things about getting older is that you find that you aren’t invincible any more. I can not walk infinite miles a day in flops, with no instep support and expect that everything will be ok. My mistake and I can promise you it won’t be repeated. For anyone who has had plantar fasciitis (http://www.drpribut.com/sports/heelhtm.htm) you can attest to how painful it is. I am not a wimp. I will rub dirt on it and move forward with the best of them. Course in saying this, I realize that not too long ago I was complaining about my thighs from the Capoeira class but this beats that hands down. I finally had to throw in the towel and accept that there was something very wrong with my foot and stay off it for a while. I called the doctor but it was a week wait time. So I did internet research and took better care of myself. I found that it was very helpful to wear a boot or aircast at night or whenever I was resting so that the tendon stayed stretched while I was out. I also stopped leaving the house for any reason. A few weeks later I was much better and resumed my normal schedule very carefully. While I was laid up, I meditated, wrote in my journal, and did A LOT of reading. Other than that I didn’t do much so I didn’t really see the point of blogging.

But now I AM BACK!

And thankful to be out of the house again! Can you believe it is already MARCH? Sometimes I feel like I just got here and sometimes I feel like I’m just down the road from home and have been here forever. It’s a surreal existence to be sure but I am still enjoying every minute of it.

I will have to do a post of going back to some other stuff that happened since my last one, but I think for now I’m going to hit a few recent things.

We found a home for Joe. That poor dog was still trying to chew his way out of the bathroom, even the day before we drove him out to his new home. I have documented the final state of destruction the door was in as he left it.

Joe's Handy (or should I say teethy) Work

Good thing JD is so good with wood putty huh? The maintenance man, Steve was rather fond of Joe as well so if we need help he has offered to make sure that the damage stays a secret. Joe had really come out of his shell in the last few weeks he was with us. He played all sorts of catch-me-if-can games with JD especially in the mornings. He had a routine of dragging all of his stuff outside during the day. If he wanted attention he would just wander up and lean on you. He some how knew when it was pizza night and was right there for a crust or two. He always thought 3am was a great time to pee.

Cutest Foster Dog Ever!

Thursday they ran an ad in the local paper. We got a call right away from a woman (Gloria) about 1.5 hours away who was retired and had a 2 yr old Great Dane named Empress and 2 cats. She sounded perfect so we invited her and her dog over for a play date for the next day. They came and the dogs had a great time playing and bonding. I had a feeling that she would be make a great mommy to our Joe so we planned to get him to her after the house inspection. We said our good byes and she gave me a hug. Then she walked over to JD and slapped him on the butt! I thought to myself, look lady, you are already taking my dog. Let’s not push it.

Gloria and Empress

Sunday the woman who we had gotten Joe from (Robyn), her German Shepard (Kane),  Joe and I drove out to Gloria’s house. Robyn did the inspection and we had a cup of coffee with her and the dogs all milled about and getting re-acquainted. A few hours and lots of dog conversation later Robyn and I left. It was really sad to see Joe there pacing at the fence like, “Wait for me!” but I knew that he would bond to Gloria quickly and be just fine. I spoke to her the next day and he seems to be settling in well. Empress is apparently being bossy but that will pass.

We had really gotten used to have the big booger around and the house seems really quiet these days. JD had originally said no more foster dogs because we get too attached and it’s hard to say good-bye. However I know he is really glad that we were able to help Joe find a home and now he is thinking of getting another one. We let Robyn know and now we are waiting for “Chopper”, another Mastiff to be delivered. Apparently Chubby has finished her shots but we are waiting on her paperwork to be finished before we can fly her over. I believe we are still looking at May.

We went furniture shopping the week before to attend to the lack of closets in this apartment. We were supplied with two small, narrow wardrobes when we rented the place but since the rest of our clothes have arrived,we desperately needed more space. So off Cheapbastard.com and I went to the Salvation Army. We had heard there was a really big one a few suburbs over so we located it and rode the train to get there. It was huge! Lots and lots of everything you can imagine. The most startling thing about the place was a giant fan in the middle. I swear I saw the couches starting to lift off the ground…

Biggest. Fan. Ever.

We picked out a nice big wardrobe that just needed a little love and a chest of drawers. JD has been busy with the wardrobe rubbing it down with oil so it has really started to shine and look pretty. I love the detail of the handles and the solid feeling of the wood. They just don’t make them like this anymore!

Top Half

Bottom Half

Inside Left Side

Inside Right Side

Handle detail

I supposed that’s enough for now but I will write more soon. Between rehabilitating dogs and furniture, we stay mighty busy around here. No wonder time gets away from us.

Missed you guys!

Stay classy America.