Hello my friends,

There never seems to be a dull moment around here, but that is how my life goes. I enjoy every minute of it.

A couple of weeks ago I made a new friend, Anna, who is involved in the same positive thinking lifestyle that I strive for and reads the same material that I do. We met for lunch the other day at a small place called Funky Cafe.

I really like eating at cafes and people watching from the outdoor tables. This was no exception and it being in one of the more eclectic parts of town there were plenty of people to watch. Anna is a “Kiwi” meaning from New Zealand and has been here for the last 10 years. Since JD and I are visiting New Zealand at the end of the this month, she has been an invaluable source of information. I had a “Dipper Plate” which was all sorts of humus, garlic spreads, spiced spreads, and something made out of minced beets. It came with a bowl over flowing with sliced breads and I ate every last bite. So good and on a hot day, the perfect light lunch.  Anna had the roast beef salad which she said was delicious as well. Say hi Anna!

Anna, Kiwi Extraordinaire!

On Wednesday, the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day and just to say it with style, Sydney lit up the Opera House in green lights. JD had heard on the radio that they were planning to do this so of course we trucked on down there! I read that the architect cut pieces out of a globe to get the right shape for each section. It is a beautiful, fascinating structure that is immediately recognizable and the green light doesn’t change that.

The Sydney Opera House

I have recently started a garden club in Sydney to help surround myself with other green thumbs and have a way to gather plant tips for this harsh growing environment. While doing some research I read over and over about how every self-respecting gardener owes it to themselves to have a composting system. Since we don’t own the place and there really isn’t a good place to start a compost heap, I thought it would be great for us have a worm farm. Sounds easy enough, you get this plastic thing with a few levels, throw in your scraps, water once a week, use the drainage for fertilizing and voila! You now have plants that everyone envies. I looked around online at what worm housing units cost and look like. I found that they have a wide range of sizes, shapes and costs. The most popular one for this area is the Can-O-Worms which I knew they had down at Bunnings (Aussie Home Depot).

Casa de Worms

I only found one guy who was selling worms over the internet here in Australia and he wanted an arm and a leg for them. The good thing was that he guaranteed live delivery and a generous over count. I noticed that Bunnings also carried his worms and although he was the more expensive of the two brands I thought it was more important to have that guarantee. So after signing over my rights to my first born, I went home, gleefully, with my Can-O-Worms worm farm and a bucket of 1000 worms. I set up my worm farm and had to wait for the bedding to hydrate before I could add the worms. I thought maybe I should check on my new charges and opened the lid. It seems that the seal had been broken and the bucket was only half full! After a thorough search thru the bucket including dumping the whole mess out on a piece of newspaper I realized that I had just purchased very expensive dirt. Not one worm. I rang Bunnings and they told me to bring the bucket back and they would swap it out.

Thank goodness for my new flip-flops because any extra walking doesn’t affect my feet in the least. Bunnings is a good 15 min walk so off I go again. I arrive and explain that yes I was the woman who called about the worms. I gathered my new sealed bucket and left the premises. When I got home, JD and I had to scamper off to somewhere so I didn’t look at my bucket again until the next morning. I opened it up and found that it was also only half full. Perhaps I was mistaken! However when I dumped it out, I only found 5 or so worms. I was thinking that perhaps I had gotten the before mentioned over count and someone else got the 1000 worms. I emailed the supplier directly and didn’t get a response.

Today I visited Bunnings today with the bucket of worms.  The lady at the counter thought it was pretty funny that I was complaining about worms and she and the manger had a good chuckle about it. The manager thought I wanted her to count out 1000 worms and seemed confused when I said I was looking for a general mass at the very least. However 5 more buckets later of the three of us dumping them out in the store with not a worm in sight, they were a big more understanding. I finally asked to check the other brand who has theirs in a cardboard box with a plastic bag liner. As soon as you moved even a little of the compost you could see worms galore! They are now home and stretching their little wriggling bodies out in my worm farm that has properly hydrated and drained bedding and wet newspaper on top. Just heaven! I already have some zuchini and cooked rice for them to have for breakfast tomorrow! I would take it out to them tonight but in my efforts to stay away from any poisonous night creepies I’m staying indoors till morning.

Friday night we had pizza night with some other couples from America. Two of them were also Navy couples and one was a gentleman who works for one of the local papers and his wife. We all had a lot of fun and the pizza was great. They had several very different types of pizzas and JD and I wanting to try different things, we each ordered a small pizza. JD got something called L’Inferno which he didn’t read had anchovies on it and was over all not excited. He does want to go back and try some others as he could see it was a really good place, he just didn’t make the wisest choice. I think he just thought it would be super hot and spicy which he is always up for. He never mentioned if it was hot enough. I got the Champignon pizza that had pesto, walnuts, button mushrooms, and feta cheese on it. Wow! What a different pizza and I would definitely order it again. Not for the traditionalist though.

While we were eating pizza and gabbing about adventures in Australia living, I saw my first Hari Chrisna. I realize that this isn’t exactly a momentous occasion but since there was a bunch of them, men and women I thought it was picture worthy. They came skipping and dancing down the sidewalk, singing at the tops of their lungs. They all seemed very happy to make general fools of themselves and my hat goes off to them. They certainly have more brass than I do. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera the first time but when they started coming up the other side of the street I managed to get one that was almost in focus. It was getting dark and I had to use a setting that let in more light. They of course kept dancing and bobbing around so most of the pictures they are just smudges. Fine. Be that way. See if I care.

Celebrating the Hindu god Krishna!

On another note I am saddened to hear about the passing of the Health Care Bill that we know so little about except for the parallels to socialism. None of this feels to have the spirit of America that I was brought up to know, but what does anymore? I know I know, something had to be done, I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive. Too bad we couldn’t force the health care system we did have to stop paying $30 per aspirin and $45 for a kleenex.  Just seemed like logic to me. We didn’t need socialized medicine, we needed affordable health care and medicine. If it gets too bad, maybe I will just run away and join the Hari Krishnas. They seem welcoming.

Stay classy America. And healthy too.