Hello Everyone!

Time for a little update of the JD & Jennifer Show.

It’s winter here, so JD hasn’t been able to do much motorcycle riding with the Aussie blokes. Too cold for them to ride and the roads are too confusing for JD to go alone. So the blue monster sits. Work is kind of slow for him at the moment. There aren’t any students to teach so his days are filled with surfing the internet and checking emails. All the guys take turns being the one to babysit the office while the others clear out, so a lot of days he comes home early. He reads books at a terrific rate and we wander around the city from time to time in search of whatever. Life is simple and worry free. Life is good.


Oh, I stay busy no matter where I am. As you read before a lot of my time is spent on everyday stuff. On the 19th I will be embarking on a new adventure. School. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, last time I was a trash picker and now I’m a student. The Australian Immigration department says even so. I thought it might be fun to be a travel writer but the school I chose doesn’t offer that, so I picked Tourism Wholesale. They teach you how to put travel packages together behind the scenes and other tourism stuff. This I think it will be a great way to learn a couple of things and gain some great contacts for when I want to travel and travel cheaply. Because I will have class 4 days a week ,I am going to have to go back to my more American way of life and be diligent about being efficient with my time. I will plan out all the meals for the week on Sundays and do all my housework on Saturday. I won’t get as much pleasure reading done and naps will become even more rare. However I want to stay in Australia and this is the easiest way to do it. I’m looking forward to expanding my brain and knowledge base.

Hank is well settled in his home and we have moved onto helping other dogs. We had “Shadow” for awhile until he found a great home last Saturday. At the moment we have “Coco” who looks just like Hank but a female version and is our current center of attention. In the short amount of time that she has been with us, she got very attached to Shadow, a male German Short Haired Pointer, and she is spending her recent days moping around looking for him. We have decided that this weekend we will take her up tot he kennels to look for a new buddy. It’s just too sad not to.

I get up every Sunday morning and am out of the house by 8:15am to take whoever is senior to an obedience class in Tempe, a few towns over. Normally you have to join the club, pay annual dues, and pay for each class, but since these are foster dogs the instructors and club members have decided to help out. I get to go for free and the dogs learn their manners with some extra help. I started going because Shadow was so much to handle, anyone who has had a GSP knows what I am talking about. These dogs are not just full of energy, they bounce every where they go. If he was waiting for a treat and trying his best to be good, he would dance in place, tremble. and get ready to explode into exuberant joy. If we took him for a walk, your arm would feel like it was going to pop off with all the pulling. I tried on many occasions to rent him out to tow cars. Why not put his strength to good use? Coco went with me last Sunday since Shadow was gone with his new family and she was a perfect angel. Whoever had her before hand must have taught her all this stuff. I think the instructors were very impressed with her. Hopefully they will spread the word about how fabulous she is and she will get a new home soon.

I don’t leave the house these days without a flyer of some dog we are trying to place. Joe was placed because of an ad in the paper. Hank was placed because of the normal pet rescue website we use although he had been on there for two years. I think the new pictures and updated description set him apart. Shadow we placed on a pure breed website and got lots of attention for him. Coco we haven’t had any nibbles yet but looking at the pet rescue site she has already been viewed 104 times. It’s only a matter of time. (http://www.petrescue.com.au/view/76561)

The future is on our minds a lot and I’m dreaming of what life has in store for me next. I know that JD will retire after his assignment here and we will go where ever his new job takes us. We are hoping to have enough money by then to buy some land outright and put a house or two on it. I looking forward to having a big garden and maybe even some fruit trees.  He’s looking forward to not having to look at neighbors. I’m looking forward to installing solar and wind power and seeing how much we can sustain ourselves without help from the outside world. He’s looking forward to not having any bills. I am looking forward to having our own cows and chickens so we don’t have to eat the diseased and tortured carcasses that look so innocent behind shrink wrap. He’s looking forward to meat that doesn’t taste like cardboard. After the experience of rescuing dogs, I would say that maybe even a kennel would be in order. You just never know. I don’t know how all of it will fit into my world traveling but I’m sure will work something out.

In your wanderings, if you come across the Imperial mandarin, get as many as you can. You can always tell you have  good one because it seems like the fruit has shrunk inside of the rind. We both agree they have to be the best citrus fruit we have ever had and I’m looking forward to having a few even if I have to grow them in a greenhouse. Oh yeah, that’s another thing I want on our future land!

Stay classy America! As for me, I’ll just be in class.