Hi Everybody!

We have been quiet for almost a year and we missed you all! It’s was really crazy with school and homework. I started cleaning apartments and checking people in for my landlord so that kept me overloaded especially once it started to get warm. For a few months I was on a dead run it seemed like but then I got a handle on it. Then school ended and I went right into a job with a travel company. It was the craziest thing too, it was the one and only company that I have traveled with, Grand Circle Travel/Overseas Adventure Travel. I had a great time, made some money and new friends, and even perhaps have a job offer for the future! They are an American company mainly for 50+ but no matter what age you are, they are an excellent bang for the buck. I highly recommend you checking them out, especially the Overseas Adventure Travel portion. It’s small groups and lots of fun.


My student visa allowed me to work but when that was up I had to find another way to make money. I still had the work coming in from my landlord, which was good all but one hitch. I’ll tell you right now that I have a new found respect for anyone who cleans for a living. I will never leave a mess in a hotel ever again for, I have seen messes that require an exorcism. People are pigs! So before you leave a hotel room or a short-term apartment with dishes in the sink, toothpaste smeared from one end of the bathroom to the other, unidentifiable viscous material on the bed, or furniture moved/stacked in the wrong place, please, just please think of me with my shoulders slumped over in defeat. AND for God’s sake, if your child has “made” on the bath mat, CLEAN IT UP YOUR DAMN SELVES… You know, now that I have aired my grievances I feel much better, but that won’t stop me from threatening people who check into our building with hefty cleaning fees if they don’t clean up after themselves. I feel that it’s the key to my sanity, along with rubber gloves and industrial bleach.

I put it out to the universe that I would like to do something that was clean, fabulous and paid well. So I networked a little and sure enough I found a job with a jeweler. I am mostly doing a little admin work and some girl-friday stuff but it’s a lot of fun! Learning a lot about the world of pearls and letting my inner princess revel a bit.

JD is still teaching at Garden Island when they need him and has taken quite the active interest in himself. My man has been hitting the gym and we eat mostly veggies and rice now. We of course still have pizza and movie night on Fridays. Sunday has been nominated as “Calories Don’t Count” Day and we enjoy a big breakfast that always includes pancakes. Our breakfasts during the week are always fruit until lunchtime, thanks to reading “Fit For Life”, so come Sunday I have to lay down to digest.

It makes the week tolerable if you can dream about what you are going to make on that one cheat day. Or so I’ve been told. I love my veggies (Thanks Mom!) so I am in heaven regardless. JD has found that a little curry powder and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese will go a long way. He looks amazing these days and from what I hear, he is getting ribbed about how much time he is checking himself out in the mirrors at the gym.

Well that’s the basic update but I will be back tracking and covering some of the tales that you have missed while my blog has been on the mute setting.

I trust you have remained classy, America?