Hi Gang!

I am in love with Living Social. I hope you have Living Social in your lives too but if you don’t, please allow me to explain. I get emails, sometimes two or three a day, that offer me 50% or more off of different services around town. I’ve gotten unlimited hot yoga for a month for $50. I’ve gotten organic lunch and coffee for two for $10. Soon I will be taking a camera course that I got for cheap. Before you know it I will be trained barista, capable of amazing foam art!

So when I saw that an hour in a pressurized oxygen chamber (normally $97) was offered for $29, following a friend on Facebook touting the benefits of these sessions, I said why  not?

Raised oxygen levels in your blood is good for all sorts of healing, but most noticeably it helps your body fight viruses. As a mild germaphobe, I like to think that I am sanitary enough that I don’t have much to worry about. I eat healthy and listen to my body for it’s rest requirements so I rarely get sick. However it is flu season here in wintry Australia and in the spirit of being emphatically anti-vaccine, I have chosen to try this out instead.

I arrived at the Glebe Healing Center about 20 minutes early and no one was at the front desk. The chamber was right there in plain view so I stealthily turned off the sound to my iPhone and started snapping pictures. After 10 minutes later of still no one in sight, my stealth pride left and I started my usual “YooHooooo” in order to get attention at an establishment. A woman came down, signed me in, and gave me the run down of the rules. Cell phone had to be turned off and I had to promise to clear my ears. It’s like being on the plane except there isn’t a tropical paradise waiting for me when I walk out. So I went in and sat down.

I declined the in-flight movie since I would only be there for an hour and I pulled out my book instead. She showed me the safety buttons in case of (!) and locked me in. It was a lot noisier than I thought it would be. I imagined more of a spa experience with soft music or at least quiet but the constant psssting of the system was a little nerve wracking. There was no clock in there, I wasn’t wearing a watch, and didn’t dare turn my phone on in case of bringing armageddon to Taylor Street. I tried to relax, read, and enjoy the experience but I ended up tensely forcing myself to read and not care about what the time was, only to finally give in and try to press my head far enough to the side of the peep hole to see the clock on the side wall. Whew 20 mins to go.

I noticed several times that my breathing was more shallow. I don’t know if this was from the self induced stress or the general environment, but I did find myself yawning quite a few times. I tried to force myself to take in big breaths to get the most benefit from the added oxygen but I can’t say that it made a difference. In the end I was very glad to get out of there and felt no difference in my overall well being. I didn’t feel bad when I went in, so maybe any benefits were on the inside where I couldn’t detect them. I sort of half expected a surge of energy when I got out but I didn’t feel the urge to race home and pack for the Himalayas.

Oh well.

So here’s another thing I can cross of my list of things to try. If you were curious and are healthy, now you know. If you are unhealthy and curious, why not try it for yourself? The ad read as:

“If you need a pick-me-up to put an end to niggling health issues and want to try a new-fangled approach reminiscent of a Jules Verne novel, this is it. The highly-experienced health practitioners at The Glebe Healing Centre offer you the chance to experiment with the amazing healing power of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Oxygen is essential in the air we breathe, but it’s also the fountain of youth stimulating collagen production, helping injuries heal faster and boosting immunity and the regeneration of nerve cells. And it helps get rid of stubborn infections, sinus, bone and chronic skin disorders. This is accelerated in the chamber as the controlled pressure forces oxygen to where it’s needed making you feel better, faster.”

Maybe I didn’t do it right? I certainly didn’t come out looking like the woman in the ad.

Stay classy (and healthy) America!